Hair Bond Extensions

Not everyone is born with thick, fast-growing hair. If you’re dying for fuller locks then we have the perfect solution; bonded extensions.

Working wonderfully on even very fine hair, bonded extensions are brilliant for all hair types and will add plenty of oomph to your look. Placed individually, our stylists can add volume in all the right places and create plenty of length, leaving your locks looking healthier than ever. We can also alternate the colours of your extensions, adding highlights and lowlights to create a fabulous multi-toned look.

Bonded extensions are slightly different from other varieties. They have a small section of pre-bonded keratin at the top of the extension which is fused to your hair using heat, melting the keratin bond to your strands to work as a glue. The keratin cools and fuses with your hair, creating a sturdy bond that’s designed for long-term length. Once your extensions are in, you can expect them to last for around 4-6 months with the right maintenance, leaving you plenty of time to feel fabulous with your new style.

Taking care of your new extensions shouldn’t be tricky. Our stylists will walk you through the correct aftercare and make sure you have everything you need to keep your locks looking spectacular. Bonded extensions are fairly low-maintenance, so this won’t take long! Once we’re done, you can leave our salon with thicker, longer hair that’s made to be shown off.

Book in with one of our expert stylists at our London hair salon to have your bonded extensions fitted by a professional.


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