Women’s Hair Cutting

Anyone who’s ever had a brilliant haircut will know how much it can transform you. From polishing your current style to giving inspiration for a new look and building your confidence, you can’t put a price on the right cut! At Paollo Sagerah, all of our stylists understand how important a haircut can be, and we want to make sure you always get the right one.

We offer specialist cuts for women, and our stylist can work with all varities of hair. From a short bob to long, statement curls, we’ll work with your natural hair type to create cuts that suit you. Our aim is for every woman who walks out of our salon to feel beautiful, confident, and ready to show the world her new style. Looking for bangs? Wavy layers? A face-framing cut? Our stylists are expertly trained to execute all manner of styles, so simply tell us what you’d like and we’ll do the rest!

We’ll also give you advice on how best to maintain your new style, including the tools you’ll need, how to use them, and which products will work best on your hair type so that you can get a salon-finish every day. If you’re busy, we’ll be happy to do a dry cut for most styles so that you can get back to your schedule. If you have the whole day, why not book in for a full salon experience? We can do a cut and colour, a hair treatment, and a blow dry, making you feel ready for the red carpet.

Book in with one of our hair stylists in Chelsea today to transform your look and show the world exactly who you are.


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