Nail Bar Manicures

Your nails speak volumes about your beauty routine. Perfectly manicured, nude nails hint at a minimal routine whilst a full set of bold acrylics are hard to ignore and pair well with someone who was born to stand out. Whichever you choose, our stylists are the perfect team to bring your nail visions to life.

We offer a range of different nail techniques at our nail bar, including gels, acrylics, and a simple coat of polish, ensuring there’s something to suit every client. From chip-free finishes to colours that pop, speak to your manicurist about what you’re looking for and they’ll help you find the right product. Acrylics, for example, are ideal for those looking for extra length and who struggle to grow their natural nails. If you like to keep your nails shorter but want something that’s going to last, a gel polish is a brilliant choice. Gel nails also cut out drying time, instead using UV light to cure your colour so that you can pop in and out in no time – perfect for the busy socialite or fully-booked professional.

We’ll also file your nails, clip your cuticles, and take care of your nail beds for healthier, stronger nails. It’s a relaxing experience and one that’s perfect for slowing down in the middle of busy London. We’ll take care of your nails whilst you enjoy the salon experience.

Book in for your first nail appointment at Paollo Sagerah in Chelsea today and discover your next nail look.


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