Hair Colour Highlights

Highlights are a classic, timeless style loved by men and women around the world. Blending lighter tones through darker hair, they’re perfect from adding vibrancy and lift to colour, transforming your locks with little effort. Easy to maintain, undeniably stylish, and perfect for a range of looks, it’s easy to see why highlights have gained their place amongst iconic colouring techniques.

Highlights are incredibly versatile and our stylists will be happy to work with your vision. Whether you’re looking for chunky streaks reminiscent of the early 2000s, a natural blend of tones, or just a few, well-placed highlights to shape your face, our team will be happy to help. Highlights are perfect for creating a sunkissed look if you’re a beach babe, or opt for a photo-ready, striking look with streaks of icy blonde.

Our stylists are all trained in highlighting techniques. They’ll apply colour accurately and carefully to your hair, using shade and light to add volume, shape, and texture. Damage from highlights is incredibly minimal, especially when compared to a full head of colour! Colour-friendly shampoo and conditioner along with a few well-chosen hair treatments will keep your locks looking luscious and your colour bright.

If you’re not sure exactly what style of highlights you’re looking for then book in for a consultation prior to your appointment. Or, if you already have your perfect look in mind, come in and let our stylists bring your vision to life.


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