How to Look After Coloured Hair

How to Look After Coloured Hair

For most of us, we couldn’t live without coloured hair! Whether you love the lift from blonde highlights or enjoy living loudly with a statement red, the colour of your hair can boost your confidence and transform your style. But, there’s no denying that it causes damage.

If you want to avoid split ends and dry locks, our team at Paollo Sagerah are here to help. Here are our top tips for keeping coloured hair healthy and some life-saving products you should try!

Wash Less Frequently

At the salon, we see so many people who are washing their hair too often. If your hair is coloured, you should be trying to wash it as few times a week as possible, and definitely not every day! If you have greasy hair, try washing it every two days and use a dry shampoo in between. We love using Living Proof PHD dry shampoo between washes to leave our locks feeling super clean.

Use a Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner

If you want to avoid damage, two of the most important products to invest in are shampoo and conditioner. Trust us, you’ll notice the difference when you upgrade! Ditch products that contain SLS, which is too harsh for damaged hair, and try and avoid parabens, sulfates, and silicones. Opt for products that are nourishing and gentle, like the Maui Colour Protection range or the Aveda Damage Remedy shampoo.

Add Some Protein to Your Hair Care

When you colour your locks too many times, the bonds within them can break, causing split ends and breakage. Look out for gummy-feeling hair that’s lost it’s elasticity; these are sure signs your hair needs some TLC! To reverse the damage, your hair needs a hit of protein. Come into the salon for an Olaplex treatment or Kerastase fusion treatment which will strengthen your hair and rebuild those broken bonds.

Be careful with protein treatments, though. Too much protein can be just as bad for your hair as not enough! This is why we always advise coming into the salon and talking to an expert if you’re not sure your hair is getting enough protein.

Avoid Heat

Heat is definitely an enemy of coloured hair. When it’s already been damaged by bleach and hair dye, the last thing your hair needs is heat opening up the cuticle and drying it out! So, turn down the heat in your shower, air dry your hair, and skip styles that need heated tools, like curlers and straighteners. If you do use heat, be sure to always use a heat protectant, like this cream from Briogeo.

Ask the Experts

If you’re tired of lacklustre locks and unhealthy hair, contact us at Paollo Sagerah for help or book in for an appointment with one of our stylists. All of our team have expert knowledge and can help you transform your hair care routine.

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