5 Natural Hair Colour Trends You Need to Know

5 Natural Hair Colour Trends You Need to Know

Time for a colour change? At Paollo Sagerah, we’re suckers for switching up our hair color. When we say we spend hours trawling through Instagram to find the most beautiful new hair looks, we do mean hours. Hair is our thing, and that’s never going to change! So, if you’re looking for a round up of the best natural hair trends, you’re in exactly the right place.

Here are our favourite natural hair colours that you should add to your to-dye list.

1. Just-Lighter-Than-Black Brown

First up on our natural hair trends is a gorgeous, glossy brown. From a distance, you’d be forgiven for mistaking the colour for black hair, but it’s actually just a little lighter and warmer, which is why we love it so much! It’s a super-rich, super-shiny look that’s bound to stand out in a crowd. If you hop onto Instagram, this colour is absolutely everywhere at the moment, and we’re hoping it sticks around.

2. Melt Your Colour

If you don’t like the thought of a one-tone hair style, you definitely need to check out the melted technique. The idea is that your root colour is softly melted into a balayage or babylight effect, creating a very natural but polished look. Aside from how gorgeous it is, one of the best things about this look is that it’ll last for an incredibly long time without any touch ups! Because your base colour melts into your dyed colour, you won’t ever need to worry about roots.

3. Sweet Caramel Highlights

If you love rich, warm colours, this trend is bound to be one for you. Pairing coppery, caramel highlights or babylights with a rich, chocolate-brown base makes for a beautiful finish. Sophisticated, stylish, and with just a hint of colour, this look is definitely being added to our favourites list! Make sure to keep hair nourished for a glossy finish that really brings these colours to life.

4. Dark Honey Blonde

Blending brown with light, sun-kissed blonde is the key to achieving a perfect honey blonde. But, if you want to do something a little different this year, switch up the lighter shades for something a little darker and deeper. This look is a lot more natural than regular honey blonde, and it works in all seasons making it a winner in our books. It also compliments a variety of skin shades and is fairly low maintenance – what could be better that that?

5. Soft Red

Gone are the days of vibrant, fiery reds. Now, we’re all about a more muted, natural red. For a more toned down version, opt for a slightly darker shade like Lily Cole’s colour, which is much more manageable than a flaming red. Just remember to switch to a sulfate-free, colour-safe shampoo if you want to keep your colour for longer!At Paollo Sagerah, we love experimenting with new colors and hair trends. If you have an idea that you want to try out, get in touch with us today and let’s start talking! Or, if any one of these trends have taken your fancy, book in with one of our expert colourists and we’ll make sure it’s done right.

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