What Is A Freehand Balayage

What Is A Freehand Balayage

When it comes to your hair, no style has to be the same. Whether you’re looking to switch from mousy brown to bright pink or you just want to add a little colour to your current look, you can always do something new! One of the most in-demand and Insta worthy styles of the moment is balayage. Even with this one technique, there are tons of different ways it can be done to achieve a slightly different look.

So, if you’re looking to balayage your locks, which technique is right for you? To help you find out more, we’ve put together a series discussing the different techniques, starting with freehand balayage. Find out everything you need to know right here.

What is Freehand Balayage?

If you ask for balayage at the hair salon, it’s likely your stylist will opt for the freehand technique – unless you say otherwise, of course! This method of applying colour is the most popular for balayage and it gets beautiful results. Rather than using a tool, such as foils, the colour is applied to your hair by hand. Think of your hair like a canvas and your stylist as the artist, and that’s pretty much freehand balayage!

What is Freehand Balayage?

So we now know what freehand balayage is, but how does it work? To start with, your stylist will have a paddle or a brush and a bowl of your perfect hair colour. They’ll then use their paddle or brush to apply the colour directly to your hair, using a careful eye to make sure it’s done properly. The colour is swept through the hair and blended with your base colour, creating a seamless fusion between the two for beautiful locks.

Why Choose the Freehand Technique?

Freehand balayage is the most popular technique for good reason! Because your colour can be carefully applied and blended, you’ll end up with a very natural look. With an expert stylist at Paollo Sagerah, you can expect a beautiful blend of colour with no harsh lines. Freehand colouring also gives the stylist more control. They can place the colour exactly where they want to, helping to brighten your natural features and enhance your beauty.

But, it’s not just the benefits of freehand that make it the most popular method, it’s also the only real way of balayaging hair! The term balayage defines the process of applying colour by hand, and any other technique isn’t a true balayage. If you like to stick to traditions, freehand will be the option for you! It might not be the quickest method of adding colour to your hair, but the final result is well worth the wait.

Book in for an Appointment

Whichever method you choose to have your colour applied, the results all depend on the skill of your stylist. Make sure you work with an experienced colourist by booking an appointment at Paollo Sagerah, one of the top hair salons in Chelsea.

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