How to Get the Perfect Balayage by Backcombing

How to Get the Perfect Balayage by Backcombing

Did you know that balayage has been around since the 1970’s? It was actually created at the salon of two innovative hairdressers, Rosy and Maria Carita, where Queens, Princesses, and A-list celebrities all went to have their hair transformed. 50 years later and this revolutionary colouring technique is more loved than ever! But, step into a salon now and the way your stylist achieves the look is a bit different to 5 decades ago.

There are actually a number of ways that the balayage look can be achieved. One of them is by backcombing, and we’ve got everything you need to know about it right here.

Is It Still Balayage if You Backcomb?

First things first, we have to clear up that a real balayage can only be achieved by freehand painting. The word balayage comes from the French word balayer, which means to sweep, and it refers to the way that colour is applied with a brush or paddle by hand. Any variation on that technique means that it’s actually no longer a balayage – but you can still get the same look!

Backcombing vs. Balayage

The technique we’re talking about is actually known as shatush. Whilst the end result is incredibly similar to balayage, the way that we achieve it is quite different. So, why opt for this instead?

Balayage is already a low-maintenance hair colour, but backcombing takes that a step further. It creates a lighter, more minimal look than balayage, and it can look very natural if you want it to. Of course, even with backcombing, we can’t make it look like you were born with icy cool blonde transitioning into dark brown hair, but we can make the transition completely seamless!

With this technique, you’ll rarely have to come into the salon for touch-ups. In fact, some clients only need to come in for colouring twice a year with a backcombed balayage. It’s super low-maintenance, incredibly modern, and undeniably gorgeous.

How Does Backcombing for Balayage Work?

We’ve talked about why you’ll love it, now let’s get into how it actually works. The sections of hair where colour is going to be applied are backcombed first, helping to create a blended look with no harsh lines. The hair lightener is then applied to the hair, saturating the ends and moving upwards, before being placed in foils. The foils speed up the colouring process and create more intense, brighter colour, which is perfect for darker hair tones.

Book in for a Balayage Appointment

Whether you’re sold on the backcombing method, want a bright look with foils, or are a sucker for a traditional, freehand balayage, we can do it all at Paollo Sagerah! Our stylists are all expertly trained, bringing world-class colouring to Chelsea, London. If you want a new look, get in touch with us today to book an appointment.

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