The Hottest Contrast Colour Hair Trends of 2021

The Hottest Contrast Colour Hair Trends of 2021

2021 is the year to be brave, bold, and beautiful! We can all agree that 2020 was a pretty rough year, which is why it’s time to put fears behind us and live the life we want now; no more excuses. If you’ve been dreaming about creating a standout hairstyle, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for that says go for it!

One of the bold looks we’re loving right now is contrast colours. A natural balayage or understated highlight will always have a place in our hearts, but now we’re ready for something a little more out there. To inspire all of you who feel the same, here are the hottest trends in contrast colours this year and how you can get them.

Icy Platinum and Jet Black

Channel your inner Ice Queen with this gorgeous look and feel ready to take on the world every day! Pairing icy white platinum with sleek jet black is the ultimate colour contrast of 2021. To get the look, we’ll start with a jet black base and add your platinum in a balayage, blending the two colours for a seamless look. Trust us; you’ll walk out of the salon feeling like a new woman with this fierce colour contrast!

White Blonde, Honey Blonde, and Brunette

We have three colours that blend beautifully for a sophisticated look that’s multi-dimensional and full of depth. The first is a clean, white blonde at the ends of your hair that’s a little warmer than platinum. This will blend in with a warm, honey blonde that moves up the length of your hair into the mid-lengths. The honey blonde will then blend into a deep, rich brunette for a beautiful contrast look that isn’t too intense. For a subtle blend of colour throughout, we’ll again use a balayage technique to give your stylist complete control over colour placement.

Dark Brown and Caramel Blonde

We adore a rich, dark brown, especially in well-cared-for hair. Nothing beats the shine on this hair colour! But, if you’re ready to change things up a little, why not add a contrast caramel? This bright, bold shade will lift your hair colour and brighten your look instantly, creating a look that’s a little different for 2021.

The Money Piece

This is a trend we’ve seen everywhere, from A-list celebrities to influencers, and we’re definitely here for it. The so-called money piece is a look where two strands of hair that frame your face on either side are coloured in a contrasting colour. It’s super stylish for brown hair to add a gorgeous blonde money piece, lifting the look and adding something a little different to their style. It’s also a brilliant way to frame your face and instantly add a chic finish to your look every day.

Book in For a Bold Look Today

At Paollo Sagerah, our trained stylists and colour specialists are never scared of a bold look – bring it on! We love when clients ask us to do something out of the ordinary with their hair and revel in playing around with tones to create a super stylish look that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

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