Curtain Bangs – The Ultimate Easy Fringe and How to Style Yours

Curtain Bangs – The Ultimate Easy Fringe and How to Style Yours

If you’ve been swiping through Instagram or looking at celebrity street style lately, you might have noticed something; the fringe is back. But, in the time it’s been away from the limelight it’s had a makeover. Long gone are the days of thick, Zoey Deschanel-esque fringes, now it’s all about retro, wispy, and totally gorgeous curtain bangs.

What Are Curtain Bangs?

First of all, what’s the difference between straight bangs and curtain bangs? Well, whilst the former sits straight down the forehead, curtain bangs are angled so that they actually move away from the centre of the face. Usually, the fringe is parted in the middle and both halves are swept to the side so that they curve towards the end of your eyebrows and your ears, framing your face.

The hair is also cut differently from regular bangs. Rather than cutting the hair in a straight, even line, the hair at the centre of the fringe is shorter than the hair on the sides. The result is super soft and feathery, making this much more manageable than a regular fringe.

Why Are Curtain Bangs Everywhere Right Now?

Curtain bangs are the must-have look in hair trends right now, but why? There are actually a few reasons that have made them super popular, the first being that they’re a customisable look. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to cutting or styling curtain bangs, so you can adjust yours to flatter your features. Whether you’re going for a retro blow-out look or more of a chilled-out beach babe vibe, you can switch it up to suit your style.

They’re also a fantastic way to change your look without making any drastic changes. It’s not like going from a centre part to full-on bangs, which is a leap! Having curtain bangs cut in is a much gentler transition and easier to manage. You’re not sacrificing too much length and they’re simple to style, giving you more control over your look.

The Ultimate Low-Maintenance Fringe

One of the biggest reasons to fall in love with curtain bangs this year is that they’re a very low-maintenance look – especially in comparison with a normal fringe! You can have them cut long enough so that you can still pop them in a ponytail, and they don’t need to be trimmed as frequently as straight bangs. They’re also really easy to style, which we’ll get on to now.

How to Style Your Curtain Bangs

There are a few staples you’ll need to style your curtain bangs, no matter what look you’re going for. These are:

  • A round brush
  • A hairdryer
  • Texturizing spray

You can also use a flat iron or curling iron to give your bangs more shape. We’d suggest playing around with your look to find the perfect way to style your bangs. Or if you’re having your curtain bangs cut by one of our stylists, ask them for tips on how they would style them for a professional opinion.At Paollo Sagerah, we have a team of experienced hairstylists who offer professional women’s hair cuts in Chelsea, London. Book an appointment today and we’ll give you a look you love.

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