How to Make Your Bonded Hair Extensions Last Longer

How to Make Your Bonded Hair Extensions Last Longer

In 2022, there are two hair lengths that you should be aware of: super lusciously long and strikingly short. There is no in-between! If you’re planning on jumping between the two this year, we can help. With expertly placed extensions you can rock a blunt bob one month and long waves the next, and there’s no magic involved at all – just extensions!

Clean and Condition With Care

Bonded hair extensions are a go-to choice at Paollo Sagerah. So, we thought we’d give you a couple of our top tips and tricks to keep them looking their best whilst you rock longer lengths.

To keep your extensions looking healthy, natural, and full of volume, they need to be shampooed and conditioned regularly. But, clean with care. If you’re too rough and over-scrub your scalp, you’ll end up with matted, damaged extensions. Instead, apply shampoo in a super gentle circular motion, moving from your roots to your ends.

It’s also essential you use a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are a nightmare for bonded extensions and can break down the keratin that secures them to your hair. Finish with a high-quality conditioner and you’re good to go!

Never Sleep With Wet Extensions

Going to bed with wet (or even damp!) extensions is an absolute no-no. This is a one-way ticket to tangled locks and damaged bonds. If you wash your hair in the evening, be sure to dry it thoroughly before you get your beauty sleep. Another bonus tip is to use a silk pillowcase to prevent tangles and frizz.

Brush Regularly and Carefully

If you want your extensions to last longer, brushing them regularly is a must. But, you need to choose your brush wisely. A regular brush may weaken and damage your bonds as it pulls through your hair, so opt for one that’s designed for extensions to prevent problems.

Use Lightweight Styling Products

When you have extensions, one of the many benefits is that you can style your longer lengths and have fun with more hair! It is wise to try and avoid heavy products, though, as these are going to weigh your hair down and cause build-up. These include strong-hold hairsprays and gels, and anything that contains parabens, sulfates, and silicons.

Maintain Regular Hair Cuts

Even when you have extensions, you still need regular trims! Hair cuts are essential to keeping your extensions looking full, healthy, and lasting longer. We recommend popping back in every four to six weeks for a trim, and we can check your bonds are looking their best at the same time. If you’re interested in lengthening your locks with bonded hair extensions, our stylists in London are the team you need. We’re lovers of all things hair and will place your extensions properly before giving you plenty of advice to maintain them. Book in for an appointment today and let’s make this year the year for gorgeous hair.

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