What Are Babylights and Why Should You Try Them

What Are Babylights and Why Should You Try Them

In the past few decades, we’ve been treated to an explosion in hair colouring techniques. Gone are the days of lemon juice and honey to lighten your locks! Now, there are all sorts of ways our stylists can switch up your style and add different tones to your hair. For the summer season, one of our favourite colouring techniques is babylights: a soft, subtle look that’s perfect for gently lightening your locks.

What Are Babylights?

Babylights are a more subtle version of highlights. Usually in a cool, white-blonde tone, it’s a technique that’s designed to mimic hair that’s been naturally lightened by sunny summer days. If you’re looking for that beach babe look, you’ve just found it!

Colour is applied in fine strands throughout the hair, blending with the natural colour to achieve an all-over brightening. It gives hair a refreshed, vibrant look that’s very subtle. If you’ve never tried colouring your hair and don’t want a huge change, this is a fantastic option.

What Are the Benefits of Babylights

Aside from giving your hair that gorgeous summer glow, babylights have a number of benefits. They can be applied to both short and long hair of any texture. They’re also super low maintenance, with few touch-ups needed to maintain your glamorous style. We’d simply recommend using shampoo and conditioner that’s designed for coloured hair and using a toner to brighten your look if it begins to fade. Pop into the salon every couple of months for maintenance, and you’ll have hair that’s summer-ready every day!

How Do Our Stylists Apply Babylights?

When applying babylights, we’ll focus on three main areas:

  • Your hairline
  • Your parting
  • The ends of your hair

Around the hairline and parting, the babylights will be incredibly fine, blending in with your root colour. They’ll become more obvious towards the ends for a natural, sunkissed finish. We’ll also work with you to choose the right shade of blonde for your skin tone, ensuring your colour enhances your features and suits you perfectly.

Babylights vs Highlights

Babylights and highlights are similar enough that they’re often confused, but they’re actually very different! Whilst both techniques focus on applying colour to strands of hair, babylights are applied far more frequently but to finer sections. The result is a more blended, subtle look. Highlights are applied in thicker streaks of colour and are far more obvious.

If you’re looking for bold brightening, opt for highlights. For hair that looks as though it’s been lightened by days in the sun, opt for babylights.

Book in For a Colouring Appointment

Babylights brighten, lighten, and soften hair for the perfect summer style. If you’d like to add a little oomph to your locks, our hair stylists in London are ready and waiting to help! Book in for an appointment today for beauty, beach-ready hair.

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